Faith and Opportunity

We have to believe. The  more I teach, the more I understand how important it is to have faith in our students' potential every single day. They do what we think they can do. As we pose them, guide them, that will be their direction . Sometimes it is hard to believe in all of our students, as they are all different, and we can be easily compatible with some of them, but it will be harder to reach for everyone. However, all of them are able, we just have to have a faith in them. My Mom always says:  "Encourage your students, it is not important how much they know, or how much they understand, important is how we make them feel about themselves."

As teachers, we are running out of patience at times, we feel frustrated and tired, and that's the moment, when we have to carefully watch out for our actions. This is when we lose control over our own emotions, and let the unwanted come towards our students. They  take our words seriously, they remember it, and these words are their guidelines into the future. So, let's try to educate them better, helping students to build up a brighter future.



Anastasiya S.

Your personal responsibility is your best tutor

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