1000 Wyzant Hours--The Dawn of a New Millenium

I recently achieved 1000 HOUR status on my WyzAnt profile. This is a point at which to really reflect on the broad positive short- and long-term impacts that have been made on numerous, diverse students.

First, there are the dual Math and Chemistry secondary school clients who have been consistently trained in how to become better critical thinkers. This will help them in future courses (math/science-related or not), be they at the secondary or college level, and even in their chosen career fields.

Second, those exceptional high school AP Chemistry students have received a level of support that has boosted their confidence as they prepare for college majors in technically- or medically-related areas.

And last, those college-level Intro, General, Organic, and Biochemistry students have gained fresh perspectives. They have also developed sharper critical thinking skills. In addition, they have seen how Chemistry is involved within our bodies and not just in laboratory settings. This will enable those who plan to be nurses, physicians' assistants, doctors, dentists, pharmacists, and dieticians to make future positive impacts on the countless individuals they will serve.

Thus, since my signing on with WyzAnt in November, 2010, I have been very satisfied with the many students whom I've had a positive influence upon. WyzAnt's superb business organization and customer/tutor support have also made the whole experience an even greater pleasure.


Superb and accurate testimony about the quality tutoring services provided by Dr. Bruce H.

Bruce is what every teacher and every tutor should strive to become - Effective - and yes, that's a capital "E"!

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