Vocabulary Instruction

I am writing to advocate for the study of vocabulary in each and every subject. This should begin at grade 1 and continue through grade 12. There ought to be a separate "Vocabulary Class" where words, their origins, their derivations, their meanings ought to be taught. Students should be required to do exercises with words on hand-in and graded papers, daily.
If we neglect the study of words, of vocabulary, of the terminology related to a course of study, we sentence the students to do less than 100% in a class. If the student does not understand the vocabulary of a course, he does not understand much about the course and cannot do well on a test.
Students should be taught how to keep a record of new words they come across in any course, including math courses. After all, if you don't understand that a "difference" is the answer in a subtraction problem, you will not be able to solve word problems involving differences. Of if you don't realize that a "quotient" is the answer in a division problem, you will not do well on word problems involving division.

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