Tutoring: Behind the Scenes

When faced with paying $40 or $50 per hour for a tutoring session, parents and students often ask, “Why so much?” Until recently I did not know how to adequately respond to this question.

It was not until I had a rare student-free day that the answer came to me. I spent the entire 12-hour day developing and adjusting study plans; researching resources for my students; learning new tools and techniques to use with my students; finding answers to questions for which I previously did not have answers; developing notes and/or PowerPoint presentations for my students; reading student essays, papers, theses, and dissertations; answering questions that had been phoned or e-mailed in; and answering phone calls.

Tutoring is not just about the sessions themselves. There is a great deal of preparation work, personal development, and research that goes into these sessions. Tutors who want to fully engage their students and maximize the quality of their tutoring sessions do a lot of behind-the-scenes work.

So the next time a parent or student asks, “Why so much?” think about your 12-hour days, smile, and give them the honest truth!



Colleen L.

Professor for Writing including Theses and Dissertations

300+ hours
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