History Regents Challenge

I have been working for the past four years with high school students who have trouble with the US and Global History Regents exams. Many had a bad experience in their high school class and do not understand or like history.

I love history and try to get the kids to understand how important it is in our lives today. I point out current issues around the world and show them the history behind the problems. I also try different methods to help the kids "get it." In the past, I used old exams but now I have added short outlines for different topics and spent hours preparing animated power points to play on their strong visual connections today. This past spring I had 4 US History kids and all four passed the exam. Only one had a good understanding of history and wanted to get a high grade. The others were failing in class or were repeat takers.

History and Geography have taken a back seat since No Child Left Behind. Knowing more about the world around them is important for kids today and I hope a bring a little of that knowledge to them.



Regina O.

English/Social Studies Tutor for NYS Regents, GED, SAT, ACT and SHSAT

600+ hours
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