Microsoft Office Quick Tip: Draw a Perfect Circle, Square, etc.

If you want to draw a perfect circle, square, triangle, etc., there's a keyboard shortcut that makes it easy!

  • Navigate to the Microsoft Office application you want to use - we'll use PowerPoint for this example.
  • On the Insert ribbon, click Shapes, then click on the shape you want ("oval," for example).
    If you're using an Office 2003 or earlier application, use the Insert menu.
  • Click on the slide and hold down the mouse button.
  • Press SHIFT and then drag the mouse down and to the right.
  • When the shape is as large as you want it, release the mouse button.


  • If you want to draw an oval or rectangle (as opposed to a perfect circle or perfect square), just don't hold down the SHIFT key when dragging.
  • This works for 2-dimensional shapes, like circles, squares, triangles, stars, trapezoids, etc. (as opposed to lines, which are 1-dimensional).
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