Holiday Article

Now that 2009 is coming to an end, it is nice to reflect on what the year has meant to me. The most important goal that has been achieved through being with Wyzant, is that I have decided to go back to college after 20 years since I had first started. I have been tutoring through Wyzant where it was nice that they have their own certification tests, you are able to keep track of your lesson history through your account information, and you are able to pick and choose the students that need to be tutored. The small percentage that is taken out from your pay is worth having access to all students requiring different skill levels from the bulletin board. Also, that percentage decreases over time through the number of total hours worked. I have loved tutoring through Wyzant so much that I have gone back to college to become a regular teacher. The joys of what my students have brought to me are enormous. Of course, you make sure you have proper lesson plans that coincide to what they need to learn, be responsible and on time, work at the student's pace, and take extra time after the lesson to grade their work. What the students give in return is dedication- working hard on your lessons, the spark- where the light bulb comes on and their face shines up to you where they are understanding the new words/topics that are being discussed, and respect- as a teacher even though you are just a tutor. There is no replacement of that feeling that each student gives you.

My most memorable experience was tutoring a first grade student, Hannah. She didn't like to read in the beginning. After we started working with each other, she took the time to break down the words into syllables, then when a hard word came she sounded out the letters. After reading about 5 books, she would look up at me to be reassured that she read the word correctly. The light bulb came on during this time and she was was excited to read. She didn't want to stop halfway in the book, but wanted to finish that book. We continued and I was surprised that she was able to read 4th grade words without a blink. I have challenged her in giving her advance work and she never feels overwhelmed. Each student is different and it is important to go on their speed and learning capability. Her father is satisfied in her reading and wants me to continue to teach her all the subjects she should know for first grade. Teaching Hannah has been the most memorable experience and most rewarding. I found out that I am creative, love to do the research necessary in preparing each lesson, and I have never had any problem relating to my students.

I am continuing to work under Wyzant while going to college for my degree. I would encourage any family member, friend, or stranger to become a tutor. It lets you find your strengths to give to others and you will uncover your weaknesses that you need to work on. I am certain that anyone has certain specialties in which they can teach others from the general reading, writing, and arithmetic to computer basics, swimming, and sports. Once you sign up for Wyzant you can see that the needs of the students range in variety. I have found myself responding to a multitude of different subjects that I have certain qualifications in. Like me, if you want to work for Wyzant part time, it is just fine. You can post your daily hours of availability to let students know when you can tutor. Once you have started with a student, the benefits that come are from the exchange of giving, receiving, and knowing you have helped enrich another person's life.


Zahra B.

Georgia Certified Elementary, Middle School Lang Arts and ESOL Teacher

100+ hours
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