my tutoring method

The following is a sample of my introductory lesson format, which is a modified Direct Instruction method custom-tailored to the needs of each student:

1) Inventory the student's interests, extracurricular activities, and previous positive experiences in education to establish a set of "what works" for motivating and reassuring the student.

2) Assess what has worked best in the past in terms of study skills and meta cognition, while utilizing my background in Educational Psychology to offer alternate perspectives (as opposed to direct advice) to the student.

3) Allow the student to verbalize their current understanding and tangential questions while I record their ideas and cross-reference their developing knowledge with their course syllabus and Core Content Standards.

4) Utilize Socratic discussion and scaffolding questions, I help the student reinforce their ideas and expand their working knowledge to the next conceptual level of understanding in the context. Physical manipulatives, visualization strategies, mnemonics, and kinesthetic modality learning is utilized wherever applicable.

5) Ensure that the student is off to a strong start in their reading notes, homework problems, or study guide, depending on the priorities of the study session.
6) Give proper credit to students for what they already know, what they seek to understand, and what they have accomplished at each step of the way.


Anna M.

tutoring as a catalyst for academic self-efficacy

1000+ hours
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