Which Career to Pursue...

Isn't it interesting how some people know what they want to be when they grow up, while some of us can't decide which career to pursue? Don't despair! I was in this same situation many decades ago. While times can dictate what is acceptable or popular for a career, YOU must follow your heart.

There are a few things you can do before deciding on a Major in College (or a Career):

  • go to a College first, not a University.
  • research a few interesting careers,
  • ask friends and families what you would be good at doing,
  • review your list of skills,
  • get a part-time job,
  • volunteer to learn a job skill,
  • or audit a college course to see if it is your calling.

You can do one or more of these suggestions, but whichever you decide, keep a journal of your notes. Write down your experiences and thoughts. After reviewing or experiencing 2 or 3 different career paths, review your notes and see how you feel. It may take a few tries and a few career paths before you find your calling.

Just know that an education is always on your side. It can take you places, even help you in your Career quest.

Until next time!

Dr. G.


Gina D.

Bilingual Teacher/Instructor

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