Prealgebra, Remediation for Intermediate Literacy, and Preempting the Kindergarten Summer-Slide

The summer is off to a fun start for the three H. sisters. Since they are all different ages and have three unique learning styles, they each have different needs. Beginning in June, I have been teaching all three for the first time. The middle sister is growing academically through immersion in poetry, non-fiction organizers, and higher-level picture books. With the oldest sister headed to Bell next year, I have been introducing many foundational math concepts in algebraic terms. She's journaling, describing patterns, and experimenting with Chinese algorithms. The youngest sister is the newest addition to my day. She's ready to learn first grade strategies and won't be feeling the 'summer slump' after a summer filled with patterns, sorting alphabetic blends, and engaging kinesthetically with decodable books. Summer learning is a fun activity for the whole family!



Hannah D.

Licensed and Experienced in Goals-Driven Education

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