How to score better in SAT Math

I often hear about students studying for SAT's and preparing hard, but do not achieve the desired score. I will share a few tips that I used while giving my SAT's and how I scored 790/800 in Math.

1) Firstly, relax yourself! I know everyone says that, but trust me, you must get a good night's sleep prior to the examination date and wake up to a fresh morning. This eliminates chances of careless errors and entering the final results.

2) As we all know the questions in SAT Math are multiple choice. That itself is Math (Probability and Statistics)! Read every question twice. First time to just let it enter your brain, the second time to analyze it. Once you have understood what specific chapter or topic the question is referring to it helps as the questions are not in the same order or context as you may have found when you were practicing. Try to eliminate the one answer that you think definitely does not fit in it, because you will often see there is answer that is way off, and the rest pretty close to being the correct answer.

3) Now, sometimes when I got stuck in deriving the answer or carrying out the procedure to finding the correct solution, I used reversed tactics. That is I began substituting the given answers in the original equation to see which one matched the number in the initial question. This however will not work for all cases, but in Algebra most of the time this works!

4) And lastly always write the answer you have deduced next to the question itself, and don't just circle or dot the answer sheet. Sometimes say the answer was 3 and you have the choices A(1), B(5), C(2) and D(3) and you are able to get the solution but accidentally circle C, then later on when you are reviewing, you might submit it with the wrong answer. Having written that 3 next to the question, will have you notice the mistake immediately and you will have a chance to erase the previous approach and circle or shade the correct answer.

Try these for a few practice SAT's and see if these tips help! Thank you for reading my blog and I ensure there will be many more helpful insights coming your way!


Ankur C.

Here to help achieve academic goals!

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