Reaching for the Stars

With arms stretched up to the sky, a smile on her face and the question – “Guess what!” my student walked in my door and greeted me.

You know it’s going to be good news when a student says “Guess what!”, so my answer is, of course, “What?”. “I finished the Iowa Test!” she answered and went on to say “I’ve never been able to finish it! I finished it today!”

Diagnosed with Dyslexia, M came to me two years ago and has progressed through the Wilson Reading Systems Program nearly to it’s completion. She went from a struggling reader to a proficient reader who just finished her final book in a series we started together. She comes in and gives me retells that are amazing!

We sat and talked for awhile about how wonderful an accomplishment it is to have finished the test and have the reading skills she now has that allowed her to finish. She started recalling times when she could not read the prompts and questions on the test! She also remembered not being able to follow the teachers’ directions in the classroom. If a student can’t read the words “in” and “out”, how would they know where to put their completed work?

Kudos Miss M! You set your goal and you reached the stars!


Kim O.

Reading and Writing Tutor Specializing in The Wilson Reading System®

200+ hours
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