Getting Ready for Common Core Algebra

Ready or not 9th grade students will be receiving instruction in a new Algebra Curriculum this coming September. Unforunately there has not been alot of communication to students, parents, teachers or tutors on what the curriclum will be and what the expected results will be. From what I can see the major changes will be as follows:

  1. Students will be expected to come into class prepared to move on from what they learned in 8th grade.
  2. Teachers are not expected to go back and reteach material that was taught in 8th grade. A five or ten minute review is all that students can expect on any topic that was previously taught.
  3. The number of topics being taught will be reduced. Geometry, Tirgonometry, Probability, Radicals and Rational Expressions will be moved into either Geometry or Advanced Algebra and Trig.
  4. Topics such as basic probability and percentages are expected to be known from Middle School.
  5. There will be a much stronger emphasis on Verbal Problems which is something a large percentage of students struggle with.
  6. More applications and performance tasks will be taught and expected that students will be completed.
  7. Sample "regents exams" will not be available until later in the year. There will not be Barrons type review books of past exams.
  8. Students can expect less topics at a higher level requiring higher level of comprehension.

My advice is if your child was not a strong math student getting some tutoring during the summer is a sound investment. Let them go into the year with solid basic skills and an understanding of the topics that they will be learning.


I don't agree much with this. Students learn different and some struggle in math. (I was one of those students!) So what happens with those who just don't get it?


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