Study Skills

One of the highest impact things I can do as a teacher, tutor, mentor or dad is help people "learn how to learn". Learning specific math, science, English or other skills are great, but learning how to learn not only enables a student to perform better in school, but enables the student to learn anything.

I didn't really understand how to learn until getting out of college and working as a consultant. I had to quickly learn new industries, companies, organizations and business processes very quickly...sometimes over the weekend! Working as a consultant taught me how to learn quickly and at a greater level of depth than most students in school ever learn.

Going to graduate business school helped me to understand how graduate students apply more advanced techniques to the learning process than undergraduates or high school students.

Over the past three years as I have worked with students at all levels from fourth grade through high school through college, graduate school and even business professionals, I have learned that those same approaches and skills I used as a consultant and as a grad student can be applied at the college and even high school level to help students perform better than they would otherwise, as they are applying advanced techniques that most of their peers are not. The advanced techniques are proactive and drive the student's understanding to a deeper level than would otherwise be the case.

If you are interested in learning how to learn or would like to discuss the topic, send me a note.

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