Homeschool Math Support and Accelerated Math Development for Public and Private School Students

I have been working with a few students who are ready to learn math much, MUCH faster than allowed by the traditional classroom model in which math is taught over 6 to 8 years. Based on this experience I believe that many students as young as 4th grade and as old as 8th grade (when starting in the program) can master math in 2 years from simple addition through the first semester of Calculus, with Arithmetic, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Precalculus, Probability, Statistics, and Trigonometry in between.

This is significantly faster than the traditional approach and is enabled by a combination of one-on-one teaching and coaching and a variety of media that I assign to students to complete in between our sessions. This is a "leveraged blended learning" approach that makes use of online software, selected games, and selected videos with guided notes that I have created that ensure that students pick up the key points of the videos, and which we discuss later. The result is that students think more like a mathematician, so that their understanding of math is deeper, and the speed of development is much faster. As an added benefit, the students are more interested and engaged in mathematics as it is more challenging than the typical classroom setting, and take on a certain level of ownership of their own understanding of mathematics.

I have a limited number of slots available for this innovative approach to learning math more quickly, with a deeper understanding. If this sounds like something that would be of interest for your child contact me to learn more.



Patrick M.

High Altitude, High Achievement

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