Be Like Water...

Humans have a tremendous capacity to learn and adapt. However, we consistently build barriers that hinder our natural ability to change and grow. Many people, regardless of age, perceive themselves as not being talented enough to excel at math and science. They view math and science as the realms in which only scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and geniuses truly soar.

Nothing could be further than the truth. Sure, possessing a natural affinity towards these subjects helps. Yet, a supposed lack of talent does not prevent you from learning. The path may be more arduous. The journey may be longer. Nevertheless, you possess within you the fire to endure. Willpower, dedication, self belief, and an open mind can compensate for any lack of ability.

Bruce Lee was a legendary martial artist, actor, and philosopher who continues to inspire millions with the sheer intensity which he pursued his endeavors. Frail, sickly, and small as a child, Bruce Lee overcame many physical limitations to transform himself into a physical specimen that the world had never seen. Although the results are magnificently displayed on the big screen, what remains unseen are the thousand of reps, hours of study, and countless days and nights of trial and error that Bruce logged to reach his goals. He would urge people to adapt to any situation just as water adapts and assumes the shape of any container that holds it. "Be water my friend" was a famous utterance of Bruce Lee.

There are things that you too can do to master the art of learning:

Empty your cup

Get rid of any preconceived notions about learning math or science. Unlike athletics, you don't have to be a physical specimen to perform. Instead, the mind reigns supreme. You need to empty your mind and make it a blank slate. Become childlike and allow your natural inquisitiveness to unfold. Little kids don't judge, they just explore! Tap into your inner child and embrace the new and strange.

Realize your strengths

What do you enjoy doing? Think about what personal attributes are activated whenever you enjoy a hobby. Generalize these traits. Now adapt these traits towards learning math or science. For instance, if you are meticulous and organized in your hobby then be meticulous and organized in your studies. If your pastime requires patience, redirect it towards your studies. Everyone is good at something. Break down those elements and rebuild them towards your learning.

Acknowledge and deal with your weaknesses

Maybe you procrastinate. Maybe you are disorganized. Maybe you avoid difficult situations. Now is the time to be honest with yourself. Address your weak points. When you become injured or sick, you instinctively work around your ailment. Well, to overcome your difficulties in learning math or science, you must consciously stop any attempts to sabotage your progress. You must realize when study time must be increased. You must double down on suppressing bad habits and attitudes.

Be like water

There's an old expression, "fake it until you make it". Your mentality is everything! Envision yourself as greater than what you are. Pretend you are the world's greatest scientist or mathematician and you are unraveling a mystery. Jump in and immerse yourself in the moment. When you play with children, become childlike. When cooking, become a famous chef. When playing sports, become a great athlete. When watching a movie, become the character onscreen. Likewise, when studying math or science become the world's greatest analytical mind.

Everything flows from you mindset. Become the scientist. Become the mathematician. Be like water.


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