Let's Get Writing

Summer is a great time to unwind, hang out with friends, and enjoy vacation. And because the pressure of school has ended, it's also a great time to write...for pleasure and to strengthen skills. This is particularly important for high school students planning for college or those starting college in the fall. This is my focus...helping high school students and incoming freshmen be as prepared as possible for the writing expectations about to come. Whether preparing to write your college application essays or getting ready for college papers, it's important to start writing regularly...and the sooner the better. And sometimes having a "writing partner" can make the process far more enjoyable.

If you know that writing is not your strength or want to spend some time working on your writing without having to deal with homework and projects, we can spend time this summer doing just that. We can work outdoors (the benefit of summer), at the library, or online - or a combination. Without deadlines, you can ease into the writing process and we can focus on topics/areas of interest. Before the next school year begins and college applications or the start of college arrives, let's get writing.



Debra S.

College Planning/Preparation, Writing, and Learning Differences

20+ hours
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