How can students be very economical with their tutoring time?

Dear future students:

I find that those students who really want to watch their budget usually are aware of how to be ready for tutoring before the tutor arrives. I offer this little tip to help students save on tutoring expenses. More can be accomplished, if both tutor and student are both well-prepared. In these economic times, most of us need to watch our money flow, and most of us need to be as thrifty as we are able. If you are ready to go when the tutor arrives, you will use your time more efficiently. :-)

To summarize, be as prepared as possible before the tutor arrives. For little ones, have pencils all sharpened, the study table organized, and any water or snacks ready for the child to nibble on. For young adults and adults, be sure you know what you wish to cover during the tutoring session. This includes having any revisions of your writing (plus the first draft) available, with a copy for yourself and one for the tutor. Have your pencils, pens, erasers, white-out, etc. plus a water bottle ready. If you need to check out a library book, for your test prep, be sure to get a library card, so you can check out the book you need for the tutoring session. Have a list of questions ready for the tutor, and mark the places in the book(s) that you want to ask the tutor about. Google "study tips" and talk to your tutor about these tips and how to use your study time (when studying on your own) more productively. I hope these tips help you. Happy tutoring!


Elizabeth 'Beti' L.

Patient, experienced, effective and likes-all-ages tutor/teacher

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