Ser Spanish 1

To Be
(yo) I am (Nosotros) We are
(tú) You are (Vosotros) You-all are
(el/ella/usted) He/She/It is (ellos/ellas/ustedes) They are

SER- To Be
(1) How is something?
(2) Describing physical characteristics (i.e. short, tall, skinny, strong, weak, etc.)
(3) Describing personality (i.e. shy, smart, cheap, generous, kind, friendly, etc.)
(4) Describing a profession (i.e. I am/ he/she/it is, we are/they are, "doctors, teachers, dentists, etc.)

(yo) soy (Nosotros) somos
(tú) eres (Vosotros) sois
(el/ella/usted) es (ellos/ellas/ustedes) son

* The vosotros form is commonly used in Spain, and is does not exist in Latin America*

(1) Soy profesora de inglés.
I am an English teacher/professor.
(2) Juan es estudiante de comunicaciónes en la universidad de Texas.
John is a Communications student at Texas University.
(3) Eres muy intelegente.
You are very smart/intelligent.
(4)María y Marisol son amigas.
Mary and Marisol are friends.
(5) El hombre es más alto que la mujer.
The man is taller than the women.



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