TOEFL iBT Test Preparation

TOEFL iBT: Test Of English as a Foreign Language

Develops skills and strategies for English language learners at a university level.

Scores: Valid for 2 years

Basic Formats: TOEFL test & TOEFL iBT test

Sections/ Structure:
1) Speaking: 6 questions- speak on an issue/ prompt read or heard

(2) Listening: 2 conversations that included two or more speakers with a classroom dialogue

(3) Reading: 3-5 reading passages with comprehension questions

(4) Writing: 2 writing topics involving reading and listening

Sample: 20 minutes

There are four sections in the parenthesis below. Select the one which is wrong.

Timothy Allen finally died, (after a) lengthy illness, in November 1973, but this project will help his name (live on), and perhaps provoke a re-evaluation (about his) influence on popular music (in the) 20th century.

Correct answer: "about his." the correct wording is "re-evaluation of his influence."

Cost: $160.00USD-$250.00USD



Jennifer D.

Patient and Knowledgeable ESL, Spanish and Microsoft Office + Tutor

5+ hours
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