Why I Read

I love to read. Reading takes you on all sorts of adventures and teaches you about the world around you. I could spend hours curled up with a good book.

But lately I have started to think about WHY I read.

Simply put, I read because it expands my knowledge, horizons, and especially my vocabulary.

Ben Johnson, a British philosopher (among other things), once said, "Language most shows a man. Speak, that I may see thee." This is a succinct summation of how I feel on the subject: the words you choose, the speech patterns you employ, say more about your education* and thirst for knowledge than anything else you do.

Therefore, I read to enhance my vocabulary. My vocabulary expands my speech. And hopefully someday my language will reflect the kind of person I strive to be.

*Education can, of course, mean both formal academics as well as knowledge garnered through observation and life experience.



Karli B.

Tutor of All Trades for Elementary through High School

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