Fear of Speaking in Public?

We ALLLL have a "fear" of speaking in public. In fact to this day, ALLLLL public speakers still have a "fear" of addressing large crowds. I know a famous musician who still gets sweaty palms right before he performs. What we must remember is that it is not the "fear" of being on stage that affects us, it's the pressure that builds up before we actually set on stage. Remember FDR's "we have nothing to fear but fear itself"? Well, he was right we really don't have anything to truly fear except for the anxiety that builds before we perform. So how do we overcome it? Well overcoming something that is natural is not something that we are supposed to do, it's like overcoming laughter or overcoming tiredness. You never hear anyone overcoming those two things. Anxiety and nervousness or fear (if you really want to label it as such) is just nature's way of telling you that you need to be prepared. That's it !! The feelings that you feel while you are "fearing" is just nature's voice telling you to make sure you rehearse your lines one more time or make sure your tie is on straight. Again...That's it !! Because if you DON'T rehearse or make sure your tie is on straight, than your fear of embarrassment or humiliation may come true. But trust me, I've been in front of many people several times and I've learned to embrace my anxiety and nervousness by taking it as a precaution from my dear guardian angel...mother nature. And the reality is that, once you've rehearsed and are better prepared, then you gain confidence and confidence is the (David) to "fear" (Goliath). Naturally, within a few moments, you'll feel at ease and the nerves will expel from your system. Your confidence will show and you'll receive the feedback from the audience that you were looking for. And that is it my friends.


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Lucas G.

English, ESOL, ELL and Social Studies Tutor

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