What clients say about The Language rescue Center

Following are a few testimonials that have been provided by people who have seen and/or benefited from our language teaching skills and experience.

Bovic L. taught French at the University of Indianapolis in 2004. It is my recollection that he did a very admirable job. He is a native speaker of French who has an engaging style and who is very interested in the success of his students. I might add that my wife studied with Bovic and was very pleased with his classes. He is a conscientious instructor who can adapt his teaching approach to reflect his students' learning styles. In summary, I believe that Bovic L. is an excellent teacher.
Daniel B., Special Assistant to the Provost,University of Indianapolis

I was Principal of Fall Creek Valley Middle School in Indianapolis/Indiana, when Bovic L. was a French teacher at the school. Bovic was a very competent teacher. He planned and delivered engaging lessons. He had excellent classroom management. Bovic was able to get his students immersed in the speaking of French throughout the class time. Bovic took over this class during the middle of the school year and was able to very quickly make an impact on the classroom environment. His students reported that they liked his class and that they were learning more French than they had with previous French teachers. If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. James J. -School Principal

I appreciate the time that Mr. L. spent educating our students in French. He taught French class for 8th grade students who were interested in learning the language. He made the environment educational and fun for the students. His personal stories added a richness to the class that can’t be found in a textbook. He did a great job of instructing our students, and he’s a fascinating person with so much to offer. Teresa B. -School Counselor

Bovic taught various levels of Conversational French classes for IUPUI, Continuing Studies in the winter session of 2001 through winter session of 2007. Mr. L. was a very personable and likeable instructor and his student evaluations were always wonderful. I found Bovic to be a very knowledgeable instructor who I could always count on to teach a course and do an excellent job with all students. He always took extra time to help students who needed more personal attention. Bovic is a great instructor and more importantly, a great man who I could always rely on to be a positive ambassador for IUPUI. I would highly recommend you Mr. L.
Kathryn H. - Program Manager/IUPUI Division of Continuing Studies

Bovic had a strong commanding presence in the classroom. His language skills allowed him to establish strong engagement with his students. Bovic has a solid grasp of the subject matter and a real passion to share that knowledge. Chuck W. -School Principal

Professor Bovic’s French language instruction is superb. The classes are enjoyable, stimulating and challenging. Professor Bovic is patient and extremely friendly, and has made learning French fun.
Prof.James T. -Purdue University

Professor Bovic L. has been teaching me conversational French for many years now. We started together when he taught at IUPUI, and then when he left I followed him to take private lessons. He is an excellent teacher, knowledgeable in the grammar, colloquialisms, and history of France and very patient too! His interest in world affairs allows us to converse on matters other than textbook exercises. I look forward to every lesson.
Pam Y. -English Teacher

I have been taking French classes from Prof Bovic L. since Continuing Education classes thru IUPUI. When Prof L. offered semi-private classes with him, I and several others followed. Prof L. is patient, interesting, engaging and makes learning French fun and relaxed. Since Prof L. is a native French speaker, he always emphasizes conversational French along with grammar, literature and the culture of France. We discuss national and world events each week along with our lessons in text. His courses are well balanced and applicable to today's modern world.
Pamela Holstein T.


Bovic L.

I am a highly qualified and experienced native French teacher

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