Another ACT Success Story!

After months and months of tutoring sessions and pushing her on every practice problem and technique, one of my students has earned the score that she was hoping for. All she was needing was to improve her score two points and she actually increased it THREE POINTS!!!

I continued to build up her confidence despite her not knowing "if she could do it."

She called me the day that she received her score.....and all I heard was screaming and happiness. "Thank you Mrs. Simone for all of your help and your encouragement. I am now able to go to my number one school and it it's all because of you."

I replied," No, it was a team effort and thank you for being such a good student. I always believed in you and worked on getting you to believe in yourself. I wish you well in the future and if there is any other way that I can assist you please let me know."

There is nothing better than being able to help others fulfill their dreams.

I love tutoring because of stories like this......



Simone J.

MBA+Full Time Tutor+Decade of Exp..K-Adult..Test Prep, Math, and more

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