Summer 2013: The Perfect "Catch UP or Keep Up" time for your son or daughter!

Summer should be fun! Time to wind down, relax, be with friends, go to your fav waterpark or wave pool, and take a family vacation - even if it is just a "staycation" at a local hotel with a pool and an elevator and a great breakfast buffet!

For many kids, it is also a chance to explore a new interest, (specialty camps such as drama, art, cooking,) or to hone a skill, (soccer or other sport camps,) or to (YES!) ) catch up on school work - gaps in education that are holding your child back - preventing him or her from reaching his or her full potential!

If your elementary child is behind in reading, writing, or math, just 18 - 24 hours of tutoring over the summer can have a positive impact.

With my students, I like to do a pre-test at the beginning of the summer, a brief mid- summer assessment, and a post-test at the end.

But, I can only do this if the child puts in at least 18 hours of work because experience has shown me that it takes that much time to truly be effective.

One possible caveat: For best results, tutoring cannot be "crammed into" a 2 or 3 week period. It should be "stretched out" over several weeks- but of course, allowing a couple of weeks off for a camp or for a family vacation. Your child can take up to three (3) weeks off, and still get maximum results from tutoring.

I also recommend at least one week be "down time," just to let your kid relax if possible- in their own home -with a sitter or a trusted, mature family member if you cannot be there. Your child can learn how to fix a new snack, watch TV, (hopefully not for hours and hours every day!) swim if you have a pool, have a friend over, play games, redecorate (or just rearrange) his or her room, and just "be." A few days of down time should also be scheduled, if possible, just before school starts again in August.

If your child is not "behind, but you would like to prevent the "brain drain," then I can provide your child with 3 to 6 meetings or more - to monitor some reading. (ALL KIDS SHOULD READ AT LEAST THREE BOOKS THIS SUMMER, AND THEY SHOULD ALL BE OF A DIFFERENT GENRE.) I am glad to give you suggestions (taking into account reading levels, child's age, grade, and whatever else you wish to share,) over the phone -even if you don't "tutor" with me!

I also suggest maybe a summer - or travel - journal, or some essays to keep writing skills up where they need to be!

Guided Enrichment, for the child who is "ahead" and a bit bored by school is one of my specialties. I invite you and your son or daughter to visit with me and brainstorm! No fee, of course, for our brainstorming session -which can be done -depending on your child or teen's age - at McDonald's or Starbucks!

Let me hear from you!



Fran M.

HomeSchool Teacher and Academic Coach - Pre-K thru University Level

20+ hours
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