Summer Is Too Often Spent Playing Video Games and Doing Nothing

Vacation doesn't mean doing nothing. Vacation means taking a break from the things we ordinarily do, and doing something a little different. With children out of school, it is often difficult to find things for them to do during the long days of summer. I really believe that part of the time should be spent in study, in learning, in reading, and a small amount should be allocated to tutoring. In that way, a child prepares for the coming year and uses the information he has just finished learning in the year that has just past. If no effort is made to continue education during the summer, the child will forget what he learned during the year, and it will take a good deal of time from the new year to bring what he has forgotten into focus once again. So, folks, go the extra mile. Put the child in some kind of tutoring and have the kid do a little reading, writing and reviewing and/or preparing for the coming year. You'll be very glad you did. Happy summer!

Phyllis S.


Phyllis S.

I Teach all pre K - 6th grade subjects, and ESL, Writing and Piano

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