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Hi prospective students;

The school year is winding down. Thoughts of swimming either at a pool, barbeques and summer fun is on! Don't forget that summer reading in preparation for the following school year can be fun also! Age appropriate reading, getting into a habit of asking what is the main idea, who are the main characters; try using graphic organizers(this is a cool favorite among middle school & H.S. level) so that the reader will truly understand , apply & be able to use critical thinking skills.>cause and effect for example.First time freshman entering H.S. >>> work on your critical thinking skills ; And read as much as you can;like the newspaper; make a quick wordfind puzzle; the ideas are endless! If you add me as a summer tutor, the results will be positive!!

BTW-I'm an employee of the school district & am involved in various other non-profit organizations.I love working with students in getting them on track & hope to hear from you

Thks. :)



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5+ hours
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