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New Advice to the Younger Me

I was THAT student. I was the student who was bright, interested in learning, worked hard, and cared. I was also that student who, for whatever reason that I couldn't figure out at the time, was not achieving the way she should have been. My grades were acceptable, but not outstanding, and they really should have been outstanding. I couldn't figure it out. My parents couldn't figure it out. My teachers and counselors couldn't figure it out. It wasn't until I entered Grad School that I finally knew! It was simple! I worried too much about my grades.

That may sound like a strange statement, but it really is very simple. The more I worried, the less time I spent actually studying. My books were open, my mind was ready to learn, but my worry got in the way of concentrating. There was a lesson hard learned, but at least I learned it. When I accepted that the real goal of studying was to learn, and that the outcome was going to be whatever it was after making a true effort, my grades improved. I never received a grade lower than an A in any subject in Graduate School because I had come to value the learning part of school, not the grade part.

If I can get that across to all of my students, I will be a happy person. I will be successful. What is more important than that, my students will be successful.


Laura Z.

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