The Possibilities

I was recently reviewing all of my latest NCLEX manuals. The total amount of questions in the combined manuals was almost 15,000 plus CD's plus practice exams and websites with more questions and answers. I said to myself this is amazing! The minimum amount of questions to pass the NCLEX is 75 with a range of up to 265. So what are the possibilities of getting at least 100 questions that you know out of this mass of questions? For many students the NCLEX can be very confusing. Studying masses of questions over and over does not seem to help.
In working with my students I tell them that the key to the exam is knowing test strategies - reading the question - understanding the question - eliminating distracting options and learning rationales. It is a nursing exam and although the questions may be framed differently the answers are really the same. It is important that the student has a good grasp of nursing fundamentals, pharmacology, anatomy and physiology, labs and the nursing process. This knowledge is the basic framework. There is no way around it.
So the possibilities are great, but with careful study, planning and the help of your tutor. You can beat the odds.

Dr. Harriette B.


Harriette B.

Dr. Harriette -Nursing, NCLEX, Anatomy & Physiology, Pharmacology

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