Summer Slump

Depending on the child/student, being in an academic summer slump could be difficult to break out of. However with consistency, having your student use their brains effectively on something meaningful will go a long way. Here are some tips to get your kids to write:

1) After watching a movie (preferably one they really liked), ask them to name their favorite part. When you get home, ask them to write out that part, and a part of the movie they would've changed. This will get them THINKING CRITICALLY.

2) kids also love school shopping. Get your kids to write down a few places they would like to shop, then ask them to jot down what types of things they would like not buy for school from those stores. This is practicing organization and outlining!

3) Younger kids can write about their favorite thing to do during the summer or list their favorite summer treats!

4) Kids can also draw out maps and label them. Depending on their age, they can map out their house and label all the rooms, doors and windows (excellent for learning fire escape), or a map with landmarks to a friends house or grocery store.

5) Finally, kids can also conduct an interview with uncles, aunts, grandparents, or friends to ask them questions they've always wanted to know. Prewritting questions as well as taking notes are great skills!


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