Summer Time!

It's here!!!!! The time of year most students have worked so hard for!

But much of what students learn throughout the school year can be lost if they do not keep sharp with practice. With younger students have them help out with grocery lists, cooking from a recipe (with adult supervision of course), visits to the library (integral part of summer leisure), or for any ages singing songs!! Hey make up/write your own song or play an instrument!

When your out on the road, and the kids are in the car, try brainteasers such as; "We drove to grandma's house which was 5 miles, drove another two miles to the store, and now we need another 4 miles to get back home, how many miles will we have driven today?"

This seems like enough but really it is not. Students could obtain the utmost academic benefits with a tutor that can afford them individualized attention and teach them strategies in learning along the way. Send me message, and let's see if we could get your child or yourself started before the summer blues kicks in.


Julie S.

Energetic Elementary Educational Tutor

100+ hours
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