Summer Slump Suggetions

Okay, it is almost the 4th of July and you and the kids are already bored! It has been rainy, or too hot, or too know all the excuses. So here are 5 things I suggest to get over the summer slump:

1. Take a walk with your camera - take pictures of anything interesting - not a real, true photo, but get close up and take a picture of a leaf, a bug, an blade of grass and upload them to see if others can figure out what they are.

2. Download a Night Sky app on your phone and sit out and look at the night sky - hold the phone up to the sky and see if you can see the star formations.

3. Open up a dictionary and have everyone in the family find one word they think no one knows - and then have everyone try and guess the meaning. Pass the book to the next person.

4. Find a book that was made into a movie. Read the book with a friend and then see the movie with the same friend. Write down the things that stayed the same and the things that were different - and talk about why one was better than another.

5. Go get a Chinese Jump Rope and see if you can teach your self and your friends how to play - then play "Cat's Cradle" with the same rope - it will test you ability to be athletic and follow directions! Or go to the library and get a book on Orgami - it will test your skills and ability to follow directions!

Have Fun!


Natalie K.

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