One Piece of Advice

The question was, if I could give myself one piece of academic advice, what would it be? The honest answer is simple. To just try harder and have more confidence in myself. I came from a small town and my senior year I was number 11 in my class of a little over 100 students. My teachers praised my work, I made all A's and I didn't even have to try. College went easy in all my general ed classes, and it wasn't until later that while I was still making A's I was not standing out among the others. It became really defeating to watch others being emailed and praised. I lost a lot of confidence in myself. There were teachers who still sang my praises about my writing, but it wasn't like high school. Never give up on yourself. Try harder. STUDY more. I know you may not like doing, but you will feel better for having done it. Ignore the texts, the tv, and going out drinking (though I honestly never did that) when you have a test coming up. Pay more attention to your classes, and your school work. Review things. And enjoy it. School is about hanging out with friends and having a good time, but more than anything it is about your education, that you, your parents or poor taxpayers are paying for. It is never free.


Fallon W.

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