Making Learning Fun: It's Best for Both the Student and Tutor

Over the time that I have tutored, both at Austin Community College and as an independent tutor, the best thing that I have learned is that any student that is having fun while they learn make them actually want to come back and learn more. Although people came in to the tutoring lab at Austin Community College, they were coming in to the tutoring lab reluctantly because they just didn't understand what was going on and weren't really enjoying the subject because of it. My personal goal for any person that I tutor is to not only help someone understand the concepts while they are sitting with me, but also make it more fun. Not only does time fly when you're having fun but, as noted in "Brain & Behavior, An Introduction to Biological Psychology", a person is able to learn better and more efficiently as they have positive memories with those concepts rather than a neutral emotion of repetition. I love learning math and, as I look back, I did well in all my math classes, including this past semester where I took Advanced Engineering Math and Linear Algebra for Engineers, because of the fact that enjoyed what I was learning about. This is something that anyone should consider, I think, when someone wants to tutor or when someone is trying to find a tutor, because if a tutor can make a person want to learn more; it may spark a fire that person and make them want to learn more about that subject and maybe eventually teach us something one day!


Garrett S.

Experienced and patient math tutor for all ages

50+ hours
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