"Do I Need a Tutor?"

The answer is, probably, yes. And you're not alone.

One of the best kept secrets in academic success is the use of tutors. Top performing students and test-takers are not born, they're created. Sometimes, they're lucky enough to have a parent, sibling, or a friend that can assist. But that is rare. Sometimes top-performing students have a natural inclination for academic learning. But that is usually limited to one or two subjects and won't get them very far in unrelated courses.

We live in a profoundly complex world. The challenges of competing academically today are many. What it took to excel ten years ago barely receives a "C" grade now. Add that to the various pressures and distractions for high school and college students and you might end up with a scene comparable to the likes of J.D. Salinger's Catcher in the Rye for students with even the humblest ambitions.

Hiring a good tutor is an investment in yourself. A good tutor costs money, yes, that is true. However, for the price of another 20 channels on cable tv, that cool new app on iPhone or the Gears of War: Judgment game on XBOX, a good tutor will not only explain the subject matter at hand, but will also teach you how to teach yourself - a skill that, when mastered, pays dividends many times over in future scholastic and other endeavors.

So do yourself a favor and get a tutor. It's not a lifetime commitment or a two-year contact, unlike that cellphone you just bought. You can work one on one with someone as many or as few times a week or per month as is needed. It's not a romantic relationship. You can stop one month and start again later, your tutor will understand and love you just the same. And, who knows, the next tutor you hire might be one of the influential persons that changes the way you learn forever. Happens all the time.


Wonderful explanation of what tutors really do for people!  Thanks from one tutor to another.


Shannon B.

Expert TOEFL, SAT, ACT, LSAT, TEAS and Writing Tutor

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