How to maximize your mathematics tutoring experience

Hi math students :)

When preparing for a mathematics tutoring session, try to have the following things at hand...

  • Textbook (online or e-text)
  • Syllabus, assignment, tips/hints/suggestions, answer sheet/key
  • Class notes
  • Pencils, pens, erasers, paper (graph paper, ruler, protractor)
  • All necessary formulas, laws, tables, constants, etc.
  • Calculator that you will use on tests

Do I really need my calculator? I can do most of my work in my head.

Having your calculator is just as important as paper and a pencil in most cases. You'll be using it on your test and if you don't know how to input what you want, you won't do very well. Have your tutor teach you about your calculator's functions beforehand. Learn how to check your simple math and how to input exponents, logarithms, or trigonometric functions before your test.

Why do I need my book, notes, or answer key? Isn't the tutor supposed to know everything?

Yes :), but even the most experienced tutor may want to see what level of material your textbook covers, keeping the session within established parameters. Answer keys can show formatting options preferred by an instructor. For example, should fractions be reduced or not, should answers be provided in radians or degrees, and should solutions be factored out or not after simplification? Class notes can often provide examples of particular homework questions worked out using the instructor's preferred method, and with a solution given in the instructor's preferred format. Many methods in mathematics provide options and tutors want you to get as much credit as possible. You should never be missing points when you know the material.




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