Tutoring Fun!

So...I have been tutoring a second grader for about six months now. I truly enjoy every time I see him and his mother. It has been an awesome experience for me. When I first started tutoring him he really needed allot of help with reading. We continue to work on that to this day. I introduced an awesome game to him that my mom told me about called firecracker reading. You fill a bucket full of words on note cards. Some of the cards will have the word/picture fire cracker. If that card is pulled you have to return all your cards to the bucket. You must be able to read the word written on the card pulled in order to keep it. Whoever has the most cards at the end wins! My tutee loves this game!! As time has passed I have added words above his grade level just so he will be prepared. I am proud to say that this "C Student" is now an "A Student"!!!! There just one problem!!!! I worry that he will no longer need me! I want him to succeed, don't get me wrong. I just do not want to lose him as a tutee!!


Christina B.

Elementary Education Major at Jacksonville State University!!!

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