I'll Never Forget Dinners You Prepare

Hi, you have undoubtedly heard of Shepherd's Pie. But perhaps you have yet to create original concoctions and make names that are a household name. Maybe there is just the contest prize to look forward to winning unless you market your ideas. For example, I recently contacted a restauranteur/business man to inquire if he could agree with my idea of The Elves Shoes as the name of a roadside diner, interstate mobile unit, or cafe. Solely served would be sweet potatoes with one end that curls upwards. Cooks would bake them, scoop the potatoes carefully so that the shells would stay in one piece, then mash their potatoes, restuff the shells, and melt marshmallows, butter, and sugar on top. Can you see telling your family that you are leaving to get some Elves Shoes? It could be the competitor of roadside vendors who sell merely boiled, salted peanuts. You may incidentally want some of those weekly, but it would seem that their vendors could go further if they marketed them as Hansel and Gretel's Trailmarkers or Zoo Delights. The link is to preserve the classic Grimm's tales in our daily lives. The story is entitled The Elves and the Shoemaker. Check my photos section to see an Elf's Shoe. For now, it is just a raw potato but will appear in the near future. It has been my pleasure to serve you such news.

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