Summer Slump Survival Guide

Students, don't let summer steal your great learning! Instead let summer be a time of exploration using those very skills you picked up during the year. Need some tips on how to use those skills? Here's 5:

1. Read about it. Where are you going on vacation? Where is your friend going on vacation? Look up those hot vacation spots online or in a travel book. You will have a chance to practice your geography as well as challenge your math. Make up travel math problems to challenge your math skills. Find some answers on websites like "Travel math" and other maps and directions sites. While you are there, print out your own map and follow along. Then you will know if you are there yet.

2. Write about it. What topic or class most interested you last year? Do more research, take notes on the topic and write your own research paper. While this may earn you more geek points than you want, it will also help put into practice those research skills and hone your writing and grammar. Present your paper to your dog. Then let him eat it. No one will complain.

3. Create it. One of the best ways to pass away the summertime blues and practice math skills is in the garage or kitchen. Look up a project on Pintrest-garage-workshop, find a good looking dish on and get to creating. Pay attention, as a mistake in the math often leads to a big mess!

4. Play it. Yes, even computer time is practice time when it comes to learning. Tons of games challenge your logic skills. A favorite site is HoodaMath. You will find yourself thinking more logically in no time.

5. Club it. Join the book club at your local library. You can earn points toward cool stuff just for reading, and no one will ask for a book report. But make one anyways! Draw, write, paint or show your characters and other story elements in a creative way. Retell the stories to your friends. Swap books. Have book reading sleepovers in which you read the more exciting stories aloud and talk about them.

You will find yourself ready to go on in the fall, and all you did this summer was play, play, play...with the learning!


Maria H.

Effective Elementary Tutor Specializing in Reading and Advanced Skills

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