BOOST YOUR SKILLS - Adding an Email Signature in Microsoft Outlook


Know How To Add an Email Signature in Microsoft Outlook


Once you’re in MS Outlook:
1. Click on the “File” menu in your top task menu.
2. Click on “Options”.
3. In the dialog box, click on “Mail”.
4. Find and open “Signatures” on the right side of the page.
5. Create your signature by choosing “New” and type a name for it in the text field.

* Now you’ll create the signature you want displayed at the bottom of your emails.
You can personalize fonts, insert images and provide hyperlinks (company logos, website URLs, etc.)


Items You May Want to Consider Including:
- Name
- Job Title, Department
- Office Phone, Fax Number
- Company Name, Location
- Logo or Website Link for the Company


Once you've finished & saved your signature, you can select which emails you'd like it to be automatically added to. It can be set to populate on every email sent from your Outlook account or you can choose for it to only appear on emails that are composed from your account (this will filter out any email replies from having it).


If you’re working for a small business, corporation or yourself, adding a signature not only adds a stamp of professionalism to your email but also functions as an electronic business card for you. These boost the company’s advertising and name recognition while providing links to any newsletters or specials. It’s a one-time, simple update to your Outlook that’s an effective must-have for any business email!


Candace P.


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