Love for Piano

It all started when I was five years of age. I remember my sister was taking piano lessons from a piano teacher at a university when we leaved in North Carolina. My Dad was in the Coast Guard so we moved multiple times while growing up, we lived in two different places in North Carolina and this time we were living in Elizabeth City. We had recently moved there and my sister was in luck of being given an upright piano upon arrival. She was pretty excited and my parents decided to pay for lessons. Usually my mother and I would accompany my sister to her lessons and I would read or color while we waited. My sister would come home with her piano books and leave them on the piano. I would find myself drawn to wanting to know what was inside these books of importance. I would read the books and place my fingers over the keys (without pressing down on them) and learn while my sister was. I would go beyond her lessons until I found myself at the end of the book wishing there was more to read and to learn. I picked up an old piano book that I assume used to be my mother's and read the keys in that book (again without pressing down, didn't want to make any noise) and since that was a thick book it occupied my time for awhile. Well my sister was doing pretty well in piano and went to the next level and I was pretty excited to learn those notes and read the theory behind them as well. One day when my mother and I took my sister to her piano lesson we were early and I ventured away from them and I found a baby grand and I couldn't resist going up to it and playing. I didn't have any books but I remembered a lot of what I had read and I sat down and started playing. I do not know how long I was playing for but the next thing I remember was people around me in awe. That was the start of my love for an instrument that never ended. I took up lessons and learned as much as I could and still play to this day. I fell in love with classical music, specifically Beethoven and now I have been working in writing my own music. I do not know if my music will ever be heard but it does bring me enjoyment and it is a passion of mine that I will never lose. I encourage others to go after their passions and follow them, not for money, but for love.

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