First day!

Today was my first WyzAnt session with Mackenzie! I found it to be very fun! :) We went over some first order Differential Equations and different methods of solving them! The main way that was used was U-substitution. Unfortunately, there was a problem that required the long and arduous path of trig substitution. Although it was an extensive amount of work for one problem, the end result was Mackenzie understanding and that made me happy! :) Since this was my first WyzAnt tutoring session, I did not know what to expect. I am used to tutoring at the Student Success Center at ASU West on a walk in basis. This was different from today because I met Mackenzie in a public place and I had NO idea what I was looking for! :) All in all, today was a really successful first day of WyzAnt tutoring and I hope to have more to come!


Frank S.

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