Best Teacher for English

"I learned in so many ways from Mrs. J. She used some games to memorize the definition of words, and sometimes, just for fun. She always used kindest words and encouraged me by telling me my strong points. She never screams out loud to her students or to anyone else. She naturally speaks by using the easiest and best way in teaching us.
When I came to America, I had no knowledge of English. I only knew the alphabets. But, Mrs. J. taught me English, and it helped me a lot. I am so thankful to her because she led me to learn English. She helped me to adapted in the new school. To me, my favorite class was her ESL, for Mrs. J. taught English in fun ways. It makes me feel so thankful to her. I think Mrs. J. is the best teacher for English."

-Sophie, Grade 7


Judy J.

Experienced, Fun, and Kind Tutor for Wide Range of Subjects

100+ hours
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