Number One Helper and Counselor for Our Family

"Mrs. J. was the ESL teacher for my youngest daughter for two years in elementary school and the private tutor for her elder sister at the same time period. At that time, we just had arrived to United States from South Korea, and we had no information at all on the elementary and secondary school systems in US. She took care of our family in many aspects, and she has been the number one helper and counselor for our family from the initial settlement all the way through to this time.
In fact, the reason I selected current school zone at the time of our arrival was because of her. I gathered some information on the local school zones before I leave my home country and sent queries through e-mail to several schools in the district. She was best and more than fabulous in answering to all my queries.
My daughters were very nervous when they got here especially due to their English language deficiencies. My youngest daughter had no exposure to English language until that time. However, Mrs. J. was very kind and nice to the girls and made them happy all the time at school so they loved to go to school everyday from the very start. She was so good at getting help and care for my daughters from other teachers as well in each school, they showed great performances at all classes at school from the first year.
I and my wife are very satisfied at her help and performance in teaching English and strongly recommend to anyone who is seeking great English teacher, especially for the students who want to learn English as a second language."

-Jason, father of two students


Judy J.

Experienced, Fun, and Kind Tutor for Wide Range of Subjects

100+ hours
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