Success with Korean Seasoning

I've been working with a lovely Korean lady for a year. Last night we had our lesson and then shared a delicious Korean meal. This sweet lady is a super intelligent engineer. She tells me her boss complains that her English is not good enough. I pointed to the book we are now reading--a long chapter book with plenty of difficult vocabulary--and asked her if she would have been able to read and understand that book one year ago. She smiled and replied that she could not have. We celebrated her success with a wonderful meal at her favorite Korean restaurant. We enjoyed excellent food and great conversation. Helping her become comfortable in conversation is one of my goals, and after last night, I would say we are well on the way to accomplishing that goal! We are also using a lot of cartoons to build understanding because comprehension of humor in another language is also a good indicator of fluency. So I ended last night with a full tummy and a satisfied heart. My student laughed a lot during the evening, so I think she enjoyed herself, too. My hope is that I helped her learn as well as combat her weekend loneliness while her daughter is visiting relatives in Korea.


Judy J.

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