It's a Matter of Style: Success on the Verbal Portion of the SAT

Just like learning a new language, every year students try to learn CBS: College Board Speak. The College Board is the name of the company that creates the SAT. In order to make gains on the SAT, one may have to try new ways of learning. One of the best ways to learn a language is to create an immersive experience by surrounding yourself with speakers of that language, by traveling to an area in which the language is spoken for an extended period of time, or by attempting conversational level fluency prior to learning the written language.

Ways that have worked for me and for students I have helped in the past are the following: SAT words on a shower curtain, flash cards wallpapering a bathroom or bedroom wall, and 30-60 minutes of sustained work daily for a prolonged period of time. Just doing to prolonged work won't help all students because some students need a multi-sensory approach to learning.

In my classes, I reach students of all learning styles using color-coded handouts, video, audio, and spoken information. Take a similar approach when learning something new and reap the rewards!


Nicole T.

Current English Professor Available for Local and Remote Tutoring

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