AP Biology Exam Monday May 13th 8:00AM

Successful Test-Taking Strategies for the New AP* Biology Exam

The new AP Biology exam is 3 hours long and consists of the following sections:

Multiple choice (90 min)

Part A: 63 multiple-choice questions derived from the Curriculum Framework

Part B: 6 grid-in, quantitative questions

Free-response questions (90 min)

Two long free-response questions

Six short free-response questions

The multiple-choice and free-response sections have equal weight, each accounting for ½ the total exam score.

Beginning on the 2013 exam, students can take a 4-function calculator (including square root) for use during the entire exam. They will be provided a list of formulas. Students should take plenty of #2 pencils, with erasers, to answer the multiple-choice portion of the exam and plenty of black ballpoint pens to answer the FRQs. Each student should also take a watch for tracking time and an ID acceptable for checking into the testing location.

Remember: relax, get a good night’s sleep, and eat a nutritious breakfast before the exam




Sean did a great job helping my son on his AP Bio class. My son had difficulty in the beginning of the semester and was very lucky to have Sean as his tutor. My son has got 800 in SAT II and scored 5 in AP exam this year. Great job Sean and thanks so much for your help!


Sean R.

Championship Biology

300+ hours
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