My Wonderful Tutoring Experiences

While at Silver Lake Elementary and Stead Elementary as a volunteer tutor I helped the teachers when asked to and was assigned students whom I could help with reading, writing and a little math. I would go to those teachers' classrooms who requested the help, usually about four different ones. I was paid in smiles and hugs, a most valuable commodity. I was able to witness the "Aha" moment when it made sense to them and the challenges of those who needed a little more help. As one of those students I can relate to problems in learning subjects which makes you that much more special to me.

The tutoring experience will be far and away be the most rewarding experience of my life and both the children and the teachers and staff will never be forgotten.

I look forward to being YOUR tutor.

James W.


James W.

James W.- I can help your child be a better and happy student

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