Q WyzAnt wants to know: If you could go back in time and give your younger self one piece of academic or professional advice, what would it be?

I learned an expression when I traveled to Scotland " don't be afraid to trip on a stone" and follow the path that it takes you....I heard this expression in a land filled with Castles and Rainbows, so I decided to try in simply on my vacation, and my husband & I had a wonderful time, allowing yourself to divert from established "plans".

Start by having the courage to pursuit your passions & our dreams, and once on this path, have the insight as you grow & learn to look for golden opportunities and traffic signs that might be telling you to look to the left or the right just a tad to find your perfect career fit. For example: I set out in college certain that I would be a political journalist! While at Emerson College I decided to take advantage of their marvelous acting classes, while modeling part-time to help pay for my my knowledge of political journalism increased, I realized I didn't see myself in a field where column inches dictated telling the truth sometimes...and that the arts seemed like a better place for positive energy and change. That very evening my agent asked me to cover a Fashion Show for her, and I produced a whole charity event at the Ritz Carlton! This for me was a beginning of the fusion of all of my talents, and 30 years later I am still a modeling and talent manager.

Often people create a notion of who they "Have to be" to be successful. Success comes in many forms and many fantastic directors and producers for example set out to be Actors...sometimes a model becomes a successful musician or through modeling meets makes contacts in a related field such as design or real estate or even pharmaceuticals....or an actor finds passion in running a children's theater. I opened my first agency when my son was small, as I wanted him to be able to come to my office with me sometimes : ) Follow you dreams and follow your heart, and don't ever let anyone tell you to be afraid of doing something you love! As no one is ever a "failure" if they are happy : )



Marta M.

Private tutoring with well known NYC modeling & talent expert.

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