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As I was working with a homeschool student today, we learned five simple steps to striving to live a 'disciplined life'. The human nature is amazing to me! We know the paths to take and to walk in life, but there are always choices. This is another reason that 'learning' is so important to me. Even as an adult, I learn on a hourly basis. One of the coolest things is that I LEARN FROM CHILDREN! Back to the lesson that we learned today, YOU can achieve a disciplined life. The five steps that we researched during homeschool today and came to explore are: (1) Take care of routine things; (2) Discipline your body; (3) Be on time; (4) Do the hard tasks first; and (5) Self restraint. We could talk about these forever. The research that we read highlighted the fact that YOU are in control of how you live. We are given instructions in life and examples to follow. The most important lesson that I took from our time together today was that we have the ability to control our actions so that the choices we make will honor God. In return, He will continue to work in our life to accomplish His purpose and bless our obedience. As I said earlier I am learning on an hourly basis, and the insights that I am gaining are incredible!!!!! Continue to keep your eyes open, be alert, communicate your feelings and findings, and you will see the wonderful life that is intended for you. You will have LIFE and have it abundantly!


Marianne G.

The Language Processing Tutor